The Lightning Bug Situation

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The Lightning Bug Situation is the nom de plume of Brian Miller (a.k.a one
half of The Speakers). But don't worry! The Speakers aren't breaking up!
I mean, Peter's a special guest on this album something like 30 times.


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artwork by Lisa Sanditz


1. Opening Credits
2. My Bad Feeling
3. Who Are You?
4. Let Her In
5. Peter Musselman: Genius *
6. Mary Denardo
7. Enzo Garcia and His Mind Control Device
8. Brian Seduces Nancy (Or Tries)
9. The Amazing Bradley Voelker
10. For Kara Hearn
11. Entering Junior High Part 1
12. I Just Stopped
13. Entering Junior High Part 2
14. Closing Credits


* This is a Brian Miller solo album. Which means Brian wrote all of the
titles of the songs. Which means Peter did not come up with this title,
rather, Brian did. At this time Peter would like to stress that he is in no
way full of himself, conceited, or in possession of a puffed up ego. He is
a nice person who likes dogs.




Lovely Party

Quick Before It Melts

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Neon Bubble

Jane Magazine:

"The Lightning Bug Situation is Brian Miller's newest beautiful, heart-wrenching album..."

"The Lightning Bug Situation crafts artful pop, mixing standard guitars, bass, drums, drum machines, piano, and keyboards with musical saw, accordion, concertina, clarinet, french horn, and banjo.  The sound is distinctive and intimate."

© The Lightning Bug Situation






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